RYU BLACK’s Annual Recap


Absolutely THE TOUGHEST year of my LIFE.. BUT below are some of the things that I accomplished..enjoy I rap, I make beats and more… God willing you’ll see in time…Enjoy the below year in review. I am RYU BLACK aka MeccaGodZilla… OSU!

January 2011

I register my company MANAFEST VISION MEDIA LLC.

MeccaGodZilla featured in Glitter Magazine alongside Chu Sei via Armani Exchange’s Opening Party Kobe!

February 2011

Introduced model Sakiko to Coogi for photoshoot! She later featured on their site

MeccaGodZilla interviews Kojoe for Hoodgrown Magazine (the 1st Hip Hop Magazine on Ipad)

March 2011

MeccaGodZilla collaborates with Kojoe and Cavalier


MeccaGodZilla creates Japan Benefit Tshirt

MeccaGodZilla Rising Sun

April 2011

MeccaGodZilla joins the Expose The Industry Tour with Game

MeccaGodZilla collaboration on the song “Hitotsu” with Taiga and more for Japan Charity. Shouts to Atsuya!

May 2011

RYU BLACK ALBUM DROPS ON 5/17/2011 and lands in The Japan times
RYU BLACK aka MeccaGodZilla solo album

The Japan Times covers the RYU BLACK Musical!

MeccaGodZilla cameo in Green Street “Time Won’t Change Us” video

MeccaGodZilla features on JP State Of Mind Vol 4.
MeccaGodZilla on JP State Of Mind Vol 4.

MeccaGodZilla features on DJ Husky’s
MeccaGodZilla DJ Husky In The Company of Gifted Madmen

June 2011

Wrote the treatment for Mio Soul’s video shoot
Mio Soul I Wish

Birthplace Magazine Top 3 in NY
NEW review of the RYU BLACK musical “PERFECT 天” via Birthplace Magazine

MeccaGodZilla films Mio Soul “Pray for Japan” editing by Mio Soul

MeccaGodZilla features on “Tokyo Driftin” w/ Jazzy Sport’s SICK TEAM
Sick Team Japan MeccaGodZilla Hip Hop

July 2011

MeccaGodZilla / RYU BLACK debut PV hits the Internet Featuring Ruby Red!
Ruby Red RYU BLACK Metsu Ansatsuken PV music video Hip hop streetfighter mortal kombat

MeccaGodZilla meets Kool Herc

RYU BLACK Screening in Japan

August 2011

MeccaGodZilla performs at the Legendary Black August at SOB’s

MeccaGodZilla and Domo Arigato put on a Tribute Festival in the Bronx

Best Man at my Best Friend’s Wedding in Vegas

September 2011

MeccaGodZilla helps release Mio Soul’s I Wish

October 2011

MeccaGodZilla participates in the ReMix Panel

MeccaGodZilla and Domo Arigato Donate to Japan

Special Guest appearance in Coby Kennedy’s upcoming film

MeccaGodZilla goes to NYCC

November 2011

MeccaGodZilla puts out Mio Soul’s In My SKin..debut R&B EP

Feature in Black Enterprise for Kickstarter Victory

MeccaGodZilla features on Blunted Monkey Fist Posse Cut “Seven MCs”

December 2011

MeccaGodZilla models Mural’s “Evangelion” Tshirt
mural meccagodzilla jp tokyo ny long island tshirt

MeccaGodZilla features on BeatKnock’Az International Presents “UNIFIED” album
MeccaGodZilla features on BeatKnock’Az International Presents “UNIFIED” album

Finish up the year with this!

I pray that 2012 is fruitful and super fulfilling and a lot less crazy than 2011. This is the year legend speaks of..so I am present for every moment of it and loving life as best I can. I am grateful for 2011 despite it being extremely difficult. It was the year of wealth.. a wealth of information

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